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CSP Rolling Walk-in Shower

Product Overview

The rolling stainless steel shower allows personnel wearing contaminated PPE to safely fog down their PPE before they begin the de-gowning process. This fogging action encapsulates the dry powders onto the PPE and prevents them from becoming airborne when taking the dirty PPE off.


These stainless steel walk-in showers can be fixed to an airlock in a production room or they can be a standalone unit within a bigger airlock or in a production floor. The operator enters the shower from one side, turns the valve to the on position, fogs down the dirty PPE, turns the valve back to the off position and then exits the shower out through the second door.


  • Fabricated from SS304 material.

  • Two PVC doors with glass windows allow access to the unit.

  • 10 nozzles strategically positioned to maximise the sprays coverage on the personnel using the unit.

  • Pre filtered plant water is used to run the system.

  • There is a sump section in the bottom of the shower and a one-inch flange piped off this section to act as a drain.

  • Air connection inside the shower, to provide air to any personnel who would be wearing an air hood or a full body suit.

  • Shower built on lockable anti-static castors.


  • Fast turnaround / installation.

  • Low capital and operating costs.

  • Offers low-pressure, low-volume encapsulation cleaning.

  • Relatively small and tidy unit – occupies one-meter squared area.

  • Very easy to operate.

  • Unit is very mobile as it is on wheels.

  • The water can be piped from the unit directly to a drain.

  • Incorporates an air connection for air hoods.

  • The glass in the doors allows the use of the existing light in the production area.

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