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About us


About CSP

Containment Service Providers are recognised as global leaders for designing, manufacturing, and installing of flexible containment systems developed to ensure safe handling and containment of potent compounds. The company has become an international leader in the design and supply of flexible containment and integrated systems for all aspects of the containment of materials in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food industries.

Our specialty is designing and retrofitting existing facilities with flexible isolators and working with equipment suppliers to improve the containment of new equipment. CSP works to ISO 9001 accredited standards when producing bespoke designs to each client’s specific needs and requirements while providing full reliable assistance throughout the project and after completion.


CSP Facilities

  • State of the art manufacturing facilities situated in Little Island and Carrigtwohill, County Cork.

  • ISO class 8 and 7 cleanroom manufacturing environment.

  • Qualified and experienced engineering team.

  • CNC cutting is used to achieve exact cutting specifications.

  • Audited manufacturing premises.

  • Experienced manufacturing and testing operators.

  • Dedicated goods storage warehouse, a dedicated workshop for assembly, and dedicated product showroom.






On Time Delivery


Customer Satisfaction



CSP's Core Values:

Why Choose CSP?

Cost Effective

We aim to provide you with your desired solution without the expensive cost. CSP solutions are extremely cost-effective. 

Outstanding Service

We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers throughout every stage of the process, from design, manufacturing to installation, ensuring a quick and efficient service. Bulk of production is carried out in Ireland and the EU.

Quality & Excellence

CSP consistently achieves high quality design and manufacturing excellence, meeting the requirements of the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard.

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