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CSP Product Re-Dispensing

Product Overview

Here at CSP, we have designed powder dispensing stations to help repackage client’s material into vessels better suited for their intended applications. This means repackaging bulk material into smaller containers or consolidating smaller vessels into bulk packaging. CSP’s re-dispensing systems can accommodate customer’s repackaging requirements. We give our clients the opportunity to choose the packing material used, for example; customers specific material or our own CSP PharmaFlex® material. Each dispensing station is ISO 7 certified and ATEX zoned 2/22 allowing for safe, high-containment processing. Building healthy working relationships is a priority at CSP and we work closely with customers to develop solutions for all of their repacking needs.

Features and Benefits


  • Major benefit to customer being able to use packages suitable to integrate with their equipment.

  • The high-containment systems used ensure that the outside of all packages are clean and powder free.

  • Our flexible re-dispensing abilities grant customers the option to choose from a multitude of repacking options.

  • Repackaging helps to raise the containment standards in our customer’s facilities.

  • Suitable repackaged materials allow customer’s internal operation to run seamlessly.

  • Key Features:

  • Class 7 clean room.

  • Systems used in this dispensing suite are validated to OEB 5.

  • Atex zoned 2/22.

  • Practical use of high containment systems developed by CSP.

  • All operations caried out in a controlled area.

  • Over 40 years’ experience handling pharmaceutical powders.

Types of Re-dispensing

  • Listed below are several examples of the types of re-dispensing services provided at CSP. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and custom re-dispensing can be provided to suit our customer’s requirements:

  • -FIBCs to PE Liners.

  • -Drums to FIBCs.

  • -FIBC to FIBC.

  • -Drums to PE liners.

  • -PE liners to vials / bottles bags.

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