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Cleanroom facility

All products produced at CSP are manufactured in our cleanroom facilities. Our standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) ensure very high-quality finished products. Rooms are operated under positive pressure using H14 Hepa-filtered air to class ISO 7 and 8 standards depending on manufacturing requirements. All rooms are under constant positive pressure and contain airlocks at all entrances.


Our cleanroom personnel are gowned as per GMP. PPE is worn to maintain the standard of ISO class 7 and 8 cleanroom manufacturing environments. Cleanliness is a high priority to ensure all products meet the standards and requirements of our customers.


Inspection & Testing

All products manufactured in our cleanroom environment are required to pass our stringent quality control inspections which are conducted by our dedicated team of inspectors. 

On customer request, CSP perform pressure decay testing which is conducted within the cleanrooms-controlled environment. Each test is documented, recorded and sent to client with a cert of conformance.


Manufacturing Equipment

CSP is an industry leader in the production of flexible pharmaceutical containment solutions and to ensure high manufacturing standards are achieved, we’ve designed and devolved specialised equipment for our cleanroom facilities.


All material designs used in our product range are cut to the exact specification using our CNC cutting table which achieves pin point accurate measures to 1mm. All welding is completed using custom designed thermoplastic welders and heat sealers to create strong and consistent welds for all our products.

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