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ADC/HPAPI - Isolators

Product Overview

Looking for a reliable solution for handling potent compounds? Look no further than the CSP ADC/HPAPI disposable containment system! With its repeated low nanogram (ng/m3) performance and reliable negative pressure operations, this CSP containment system is designed to handle even the most challenging compounds. Featuring H14 HEPA inlet and exhaust filters and automatic air control options with audible and visual alarms, this system ensures your safety at every step. Plus, its easy-to-use pressure decay test capability means you can rest assured that everything is working as it should be and guaranteeing containment.


The fully disposable CSP ADC/HPAPI containment system! With no need for cleaning validation and adjustable height if required, it's the ultimate convenience for your workflow. It also includes internal connection ports, a solvent resistant sump tray, built-in continuous liner ports up to 50M long, full leak test function, and is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Plus, with multiple air handling systems available, it's perfect for any workspace.

Our Flexible isolators can be manufactured from either of our PU and PE isolator films. These Films are FDA + Food compliant, anti-static and reach compliant. Our fully welded film enclosure comes with a captive double HEPA filter exhaust system, ensuring that the contained system can be disposed of as a single entity without any risk of particle migration. Additionally, we provide an entry-level automatic control exhaust system with a pressure decay function, and a fully automated PLC-driven system with humidity and oxygen control capabilities.

CSP’s ADC/HPAPI containment systems can achieve very low nanogram levels of containment. We have conducted multiple SMEPAC containment tests, which have resulted in sub 10ng performance. We have the reports and test results available upon request. Don't miss out on the latest innovation in containment convenience and safety.


CSP have previously performed industrial hygiene monitoring on some of our custom designed, flexible containment systems and we have proven that these flexible containment systems can easily reach very low levels of containment - OEB5 and OEB6 levels of containment.

Isolator used in the treatment of drug-induced cancer.

Isolator used in the treatment of drug-induced cancer.

Isolator used in the treatment of drug-induced cancer.
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