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Polypropylene Canisters:

Our polypropylene canisters are grooved canisters that can be attached to certain sleeves on the flexible isolators with an O-ring and band clamp. These canisters can be manufactured to the customers’ requirements – diameter, length and number of O-ring grooves.

Polypropylene Canisters.jpg

Trash Sleeves:

Our trash sleeves are attached onto our flexible isolators using a polypropylene canister, O-rings and band clamps. These sleeves are available in different diameters and lengths. Each trash sleeve is sealed at one end and has a loose O-ring packed with it.

Trash Sleeves.jpg

Containment Clamp:

Our containment clamp is manufactured from food-grade silicone. This clamp is used on the connection sleeve of our flexible isolators and can also be used on any flexible material connecting onto a solid canister or pipe. The containment clamp helps to direct the flow of product into the desired canister/pipe and also prevents the product from escaping down the outside of the canister and into the working environment.

Containment clmap.jpg

Cutting Tool:

This cutter with a stainless-steel handle is available and is used for a range of disconnection methods – crimp procedure and twist tie tape and cut procedure.

Cutting tool.jpg

Bungee Cord and Nylon Hooks:

The bungee cord is sold in rolls of 100m and is used along with the nylon hooks to support our flexible isolators.

Bungee Chord and Nylon Hooks.jpg

Disconnection Kit:

Our disconnection kit consists of a stainless-steel scissors, a pack of cable ties and food grade tape. These kits are used to disconnect our flexible isolators and sleeves from equipment.

Disconnection Kit.jpg

Glove Bag hanging kit:

The Glove Bag hanging kit consists of bungee cord and hooks, the kit is used for securing the Flexible isolator in the appropriate position.

glove bag hanging kit.jpg


We supply a range of different size diameter O-rings. These are available in nitrile and food grade silicone.


Stainless Steel Band Clamps:

We supply a large range of different sized stainless steel band clamps which are used to seal our flexible isolators and trash sleeves.

Stainless steal clmap 2.jpg


We supply Chemtape, food-grade tape and double-sided adhesive tape to our customers. Chemtape is a chemical resistant adhesive industrial tape that has many uses. The food-grade tape meets all the food-grade standards required in industry and is also used on the twist tie tape and cut disconnection method. The double-sided adhesive tape creates a strong bond between our flexible isolators and a stainless steel or smooth surface.


Containment Belt:

Our containment belt is manufactured from food-grade silicone. This belt provides O-ring grooves on a smooth pipe in order to connect and seal our flexible isolators to the equipment. This belt can be ordered to length or vulcanised to specific diameters.

Containment belt 2.jpg

Glove Bag Connection Kit:

Our connection kit consists of Chemtape, double sided adhesive tape, bungee cord and hooks. These kits are used to install our flexible isolators.

Glove Bag Connection Kit.jpg

Table to Glove Bag Connection kit:

The table to Glove Bag connection kit consists of bungee cord, hooks, U-Grip, double sided tape and clear food grade stretchable tape. This kit is used for fully securing flexible isolators to multiple containment systems.

Table to Glove Bag Connection kit.jpg


We supply a large number of filters ranging from simple glove box filters to HVAC filters certified to 2C ATEX rating.


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