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CSP Bottle Bag

Product Overview

The CSP Bottle Bag (Charge Bag) is a convenient single-use flexible bag designed for the transferring and handling of active pharmaceutical ingredients (powders and liquids).


The Charge Bag is a flexible 2D and 3D powder, tablets and liquid handling container. They are single-use with a ferrule connection type BS4825-3. This ferrule connection can be connected to a wide range of off the shelf equipment including various types of split butterfly valves. CSP has engineered and designed two versions of Bottle Bags to suit customer requirements, the CSP pinch welded Bottle Bag (2D) and the CSP lap welded Bottle Bag (3D).


  • Manufactured from CSP PharmaFlex® PE (Polyethylene)

  • Size ranges in volumes of between 5L and 50L capacities.

  • Bags available with ferrule attachments of 3”, 4” and 6”, BS4825-3.

  • Shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture.

  • Suitable for ATEX zones.

  • Meets all relevant EU/FDA food contact and pharmacopoeia requirements.

  • Can be supplied with split butterfly valve (SBV) single-use system.


  • Transparent material for easy product visual inspection.

  • Requires less storage space than other bulk containers.

  • Ensures safe and contained operations.

  • Provides protection to the operator.

  • Protects products from contamination.

  • Meets GMP requirements.

  • Cost-effective.

  • Easily transportable by hand.

  • Eliminates cleaning (single use).

  • Gamma sterilised.

  • Each bag is individually labeled.

  • 5-year shelf life.


  • Bioprocessing

  • Charging and offloading applications

  • CGMP processing

  • Chemical synthesis

  • Solid dose formulation

  • Buffer salts

  • Adding seed to process

  • Handling intermediates and active API

  • Drug substance

  • Dry powder

  • Tablets/capsules container

  • API excipients

  • Aseptic processing


  • Tri clover ferrule cover.

  • Lifting handle.

  • Weloc clamp supplied with lap welded bag.

  • Dust covers cap.

  • Split butterfly valve (SBV) connection if required.

Brochure and Ordering Information

CSP Bottle Bag brochure 

CSP Bottle Bag extended neck version  

CSP Bottle Bag short neck version  

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