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CBio 3D Powder Handling Bag

Product Overview

The CSP Bio 3D Powder Handling Bag (CBio®) is a single use, ergonomically designed, flexible container intended for product handling. The CBio® 3D Powder Handling Bag, is ideal for powder handling in the biopharmaceutical industry with integrated ferrule connections welded to a flexible liner. This design is three-dimensional (3D) which allows for easier product discharge and flow control. This bag is filled on the open-top end and discharged at the opposite end through the ferrule.

The CBio® 3D Powder Handing Bag is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 - 100 litre capacities. Standard tri-clover ferrule (BS4825-3) diameters range from 3”- 8”. The CBio® 3D Powder Handling Bag can be custom built to suit specific requirements upon request. The CBio® 3D Powder Handling Bags are manufactured from our CSP PharmaFlex (PE) 77 MED. This LLDPE is medical grade and antistatic. It has an antistatic shelf life of 5 years. It also meets European Pharmacopeia and FDA regulations for product contact. These bags can be gamma sterilised upon reques

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomically Designed for Easy Manipulation: The offload sleeve with attached ferrule is located on the opposite end of the bag. The 3D design ensures easy, quick and clean off load. This sleeve maximises product flow and can be easily manipulated to eliminate the risk of bridging and the breaking of lumps, achieving almost 100% product evacuation.

  • Easy and Quick to Fill: This design has a large fill-only neck to allow for easier charging/dispensing into the bag. This reduces fill times and lowers the risk of spillage when filling the bag itself. The CBio®’s 3D Powder Handling Bag large opening, fill only neck, allows for faster and cleaner weight alterations if a bag is overfilled.

  • Near 100% Product Discharge: The CBio®’s 3D Powder Handling Bag design has no corners or areas to hold-up powder. All liners are fully anti-static, which helps prevent product from sticking to the inside of the bag. This minimizes product hang up and ensures accurate dispensing volumes are discharged.

  • CSP seamless ferrule: All CSP ferrule connections have a seamless weld for ultimate product recovery. CSP can also supply gasketless ferrules for ease of use.


 CSP 3D CBio Powder Handling Bag

3D Cbio Powder handling bag

Cbio 3D Powder Handling Bag Drawing 

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