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Contained Weighing Station

Product Overview

This design has been developed to allow the weighing of materials to be carried out in a high contained enclosure while maintaining weighing accuracy. The contained weighing station can be used for weighing small or large amounts of hazardous materials from one drum to another drum or from a drum to a PE liner.  This system can also be used for dispensing from one drum to another. The containment system is mobile and can be moved from one process floor to the next.


  • Modular design to meet specific process demands using proven containment and weighing technology.

  • Improved ergonomics over stainless steel glove boxes by utilising the comfort of the flexible wall system.

  • Disposable system for reduced cleaning, validation, and operational costs which also eliminates cross-contamination issues.

  • Versatile design to suit use specifications.

  • The unique drum attachment method provides high containment and ease for the operator to dock a drum.

  • The scale is located outside the containment area, so cleaning is not required.

  • Anti-static locking stainless steet castors allow the station to fix into position while operating.

  • A pulley system provides an earth strap that can be easily attached for earthing purposes.

  • The containment system can be operated under normal atmospheric pressure conditions.

  • System requires no modification of the existing set-up.

  • The system is primarily designed to weigh tail quantities of raw material for charging operations.

  • Personnel can easily attach drums using the CSP drum attachment ring technology.

CSP Flexible Isolator

  • This passive flexible system is proven for high containment needs.

  • Using our vigorous CSP Pharmaflex® film, the integrity of the system is secure.

  • Designed with a carbon filter system to provide an additional level of containment.

  • Ambidextrous gloves on the flexible isolator allow better ergonomics.

  • The flexible isolator can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement of a new isolator in both a safe and contained manner.

Drum Dispensing

  • The system is primarily designed to dispense from drums to PE liners.

  • Personnel can easily attach drums using the CSP drum attachment ring technology.

  • The CSP disconnection/crimp system completes the safe and secure process for the clean separation of PE liners.

Design Options

  • Adjustable height base for different size drums.

  • Flat pack frame for storage purposes.

  • Pneumatic ram can control height adjustments.

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