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Containment Rooms & Airlocks

Product Overview

Using either fully flexible or a combination of rigid and flexible technology, we can supply and install containment rooms and airlocks to suit the customer’s requirements. Applications include segregation of equipment or plant, remote charging stations, decontamination areas, safe-change areas, temporary clean rooms and safe storage areas. Airlocks can also provide a clean barrier space between the production area and the public area. This space can provide an area where the operator can gown up or down, fog down dirty PPE, pass materials from clean to dirty area and vice versa, and all in a safe manner.


  • Sealed or semi-sealed to the floor.

  • Works well under positive pressure.

  • Ideal for upgrading existing facilities.

  • Pressure cascades and HEPA filtered airflow.

  • Separate material and personnel airlocks can be provided.

  • Service panels can be provided.

  • Emergency exits.

  • One of our many fogging systems can also be attached to the airlock in order to aid safe de-gowning.

  • Separates production area from outer clean areas.

  • Trash ports can be incorporated into airlocks for contaminated PPE/cleaning equipment.


  • Any size is achievable.

  • Custom designed to fit around existing plant, equipment and pipework.

  • Flexibles are fully disposable when finished with.

  • Solid panels can be cleaned and reused.

  • Reduced cleaning and cleaning validation costs.

  • Fast turnaround/installation.

  • Low capital and operating costs.

  • Clear flexible material allows the use of the existing light.

  • Emergency flexible airlocks can be installed for use in emergencies only. The airlock is folded away on the support frame and can be opened into a full room in a matter of seconds creating a barrier between the work area and the public area.


CSP Containment room & Airlock brochure

Containment room

Containment Room Drawing

Flexible Room
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