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CSP Continuous Liner

Product Overview

The CSP’s Continuous Liner system is an easy-to-use high containment packaging system that has been proven to be extremely effective in containing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and other potentially harmful substances. The CSP continuous liner system has been validated to achieve a containment level of OEB 5. The CSP continuous liner system is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Any powder offload system that requires high levels of containment and GMP should be well suited to this system. Validated to OEB 5 under passive conditions. No need for expensive air handling designs.

Features and benefits


  • The CSP Continuous Liner system is CE certified and our CSP PharmaFlex® PE material is an ATEX compliant anti-static film.

  • Fully closed and validated passive system to OEL of <1 μg/m³.

  • The fully passive system, very easy to install.

  • Can be kept inert when offloading product.

  • Minimal cleaning is required when changing to a different product.

  • The CSP Continuous Liner system with pre-folded cassettes of up to 50m depending on head height.

  • The CSP PE Continuous Liner cassette comes pre-folded in different sizes up to a maximum of 50 metres. 

  • Installation of the pre-loaded cassettes takes roughly 5 minutes to install.

  • There's no loss of containment during the installation of the cassette.

  • Canister stainless steel support cage ensures the Continuous Liner cassette is supported at all times.

  • CSP PharmaFlex™ PE films are used in product packaging and are FDA and EU Pharmacopoeia compliant.

  • Liner comes in a range of diameters. E.g. 10"/250mm, 16"/406mm ,23”/584mm, other sizes are available on request. In general, most sizes are available from 25 to 50 metre lengths.

  • Different grades of liner can be supplied depending on customer containment requirements i.e. waste liners and primary packaging liners. 


  • CSP stainless steel offload chute/canister

  • CSP stainless steel support cage for the Continuous Liner cassette

  • CSP containment belt and silicone O-ring

  • Stainless Steel band clamp

  • CSP Containment clamp

  • CSP Crimp Disconnection Kit

Application Examples

  • API powder packaging from dryers and blenders

  • Offloading tablets from the tablet press

  • Centrifuge offload

  • Offloading the product into liners or drums

  • Offloading from sifters and mills

  • Offloading product or waste from the glovebox

  • Offloading product waste from the flexible isolator

  • Collecting waste from vessels, dust collectors, etc

  • Any offload application where drums can be used


CSP Continuous Liner brochure 

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