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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)

Product Overview

The CSP Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) is a high-end, high containment FIBC used in the pharmaceutical industry. The CSP FIBC 's are designed to be filled and emptied achieving an OEL performance of <1 μg/m³. The FIBC’s are suitable for the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products. 

CSP supply a wide range of FIBC’s to leading pharmaceutical companies globally.  The FIBC inner liner is made from CSP’s PharmaFlex® material and can be manufactured in a range of volumes to suit consumer requirements.  Industrial hygiene testing has been performed on our FIBC range. This testing validates the use of these FIBC’s for powders with an exposure guideline of <1 μg/m³. The actual test results were non detect which equates to less than <2 ng/m³ OEL.


  • CSP standard range includes 50L, 120L, 400L, 800L and 1000L. Other sizes can be supplied upon request.

  • Extremely durable and robust.

  • CSP FIBC’s are 100% pressure tested using ISO standard pressure testing.

  • All sizes include a standard size charge and discharge neck that can be fitted to a connection canister. Different size bags can be used on the same equipment.

  • The outer restraint on the FIBC’s is made from anti-static polypropylene. We refer to this part of the FIBC as the restraint. The restraint does not come in contact with powder or the product being transported in the FIBC. It typically has four lifting loops attached and is certified to lift specific safe working loads.

  • Samples of the product can be taken from the FIBC’s without breaking containment.

  • FIBC outer restraint is made from a Type C Atex compliant polypropylene material.

  • The inner liner is manufactured from CSP PharmaFlex® PE 77. 

  • Shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

  • CSP Pharmaflex® PE 77 complies with FDA and European Pharmacopeia regulations.

  • Suitable for ATEX zones.

  • Normally supplied fully assembled unit with the inner-liner integrated into the restraint. The restraint and inner liner for the 120L and 50L units can be sold separately.


  • Validated high containment powder handling system.

  • Eliminates the risk of cross contamination.

  • Meets highest levels of GMP.

  • Quick and easy to use powder transfer system.

  • Minimum automation required.

  • Much faster system than using drums.

  • Less storage space required. Up to 1000kg on one pallet.

  • Low capital installation cost.

  • Significant reduction in cleaning time costs and waste material.

  • Zero external facility cleaning.


CSP Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) brochure

FIBC overview
FIBC overview

CSP's FIBC Drawing

FIBC Restrain
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