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Flexible Isolators

Product Overview

CSP’s flexible isolators are an easy-to-use flexible containment system that has proven to be extremely effective when handling active pharmaceutical ingredients and other potentially harmful substances. With the assistance of our engineering team, over 4000 different designs have been manufactured to our customer’s exact customised requirements. CSP flexible isolators can be used at most stages of production where the operator requires access to the process while maintaining a high level of containment and GMP.


  • Validated systems.

  • Can be designed with or without air handling.

  • Designed to achieve low OEB/OEL levels during operations, typically <10 μg/® but can be validated to reach OEL’s as low as 50 nanograms.

  • Manufactured from our flagship CSP PharmaFlex® family of materials.

  • CSP Pharmaflex® films comply with FDA and European Pharmacopeia and other relevant regulations.

  • Anti-static shelf life of CSP's films is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

  • Suitable for ATEX zone and applications.

  • CE marked for sales in the EU.

  • High transparency with our PharmaFlex® PU.

  • Very strong and pliable materials.


  • Customised to user requirement specifications

  • Ensures safe and contained operations

  • Provides protection to the operator and protection of the product

  • Improves GMP through high levels of product protection

  • No cleaning validation, just replace

  • Quick deployment and installation process

  • Zero risk of cross-contamination

  • Zero external facility cleaning

  • Excellent ergonomics

  • Excellent visibility


The CSP flexible systems can be used on a wide range of applications. Below are just some examples:


Flexible Isolator connection sleeve to the reactor manway


 CSP Isolator Brochure

Isolator booklet
Flexible Isolator
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