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Fog Cart

Product Overview

Fog carts are an easy to operate mobile fogging systems, which run on a low pressure, low volume philosophy. The fog cart provides a safe cleaning system for rooms and surfaces which may have potent dry powder contamination. The science behind this system is as follows:

  • Gentle encapsulate using a fine fog (atomized water) so as not to disturb the powder preventing it from becoming airborne, thereby maintaining control.

  • The fog particles are so small they get into the powder and float a high percentage of it as well as encapsulating it. Therefore, preparing it to be gently removed.

  • Using a mist (slightly bigger water droplets) on the already fogged area the encapsulated powder is gently removed.


  • Purified water or deionized water are the only liquids to be used in this unit.

  • Pressurized with local air supply.

  • Fogging Lance for encapsulation.

  • Liquid gun for gentle cleaning.

  • 10-gallon tank.

  • Pressure relief valve.

  • Pressure gauges.

  • Ball valves for all guns and lance.

  • Fog shower lance to enable the operator fog their PPE to aid safety gowning.


  • Fast turnaround / installation.

  • Low capital and operating costs.

  • Offers low-pressure, low-volume encapsulation cleaning.

  • Relatively small and tidy unit – occupies little space.

  • Unit is very mobile as it is on wheels.

  • Provides either a fog and a slightly heavier mist as required by this cleaning system.

  • Generates relatively low volumes of waste.


  • The cleaning of containment of rooms, areas or surfaces which have been contaminated with potent dry powders.

  • Aid the safe removal of potentially contaminated PPE.

  • The fog cart can be used to support planned breaks of containment in operations and maintenance.

  • Aid the safe removal and disposal of flexible containment systems.

  • Aid in the setting up of temporary gowning areas during spill clean up operations or planned breaks in containment.

CSP Fog Cart Brochure


CSP Fog cart
Fog Cart

Fog Cart Drawing

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