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CSP Intelligent Flow

Product Overview

CSP Intelligent Flow system is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controlled push – pull airflow unit designed to function on a sealed enclosure to provide a negative or positive pressure condition with a given volume change rate. It is available as a fixed or mobile device and can be used on a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, medical and Biotech industries. It was developed in order to provide improved containment when dealing with high potent products. 

The process specification for the system was to provide all the benefits of conventional flexible containment technology, with the added advantage of an airflow system that was capable of operating on a flexible enclosure in a negative/positive pressure condition combined with a high total volume change rate. The unit is programmed to cater for a range of functions but also is easy to understand from a user’s aspect. A dedicated touch screen HMI provides a display of internal pressure, extract filter pressure drops, etc. the system can be integrated with an inert gas for low humility applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Can operate at a pre-programmed set point pressure (negative and positive pressure), accurate to 1 Pascal.

  • Provides a breech condition (minimum 0.8 meters per second) through an open aperture – open cuff or transfer chamber.

  • Fan failure safe operation.

  • High / Low pressure alarms (visual / audible) programmed by user.

  • Filter blockage airflow compensation system.

  • Quick connect supply / exhaust airflow connections from fan unit to filters.

  • Quick connect airflow sensor coupling complete with Mini HEPA filter unit.

  • Mobile unit - can be used on any specified enclosure.

  • Multiple chamber systems available, capable of running at different pressures.

  • Extract pre-filter unit (to prevent blockage of extract HEPA filter) available.

  • System capable of running in conjunction with N2 / Low humidity supply systems.

CSP Intelligent Flow

Extract Unit
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