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Rapid Transfer Port  Bags (RTP Bags)

Product Overview

CSP’s Rapid Transfer Port Bags (RTP Bags) is a system that allows the transfer of all types of materials, toxic or otherwise, in a safe manner, minimising the risk involved for both the contents of the bag and the operator/facility. The CSP RTP Bags are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, nuclear and Bio-chemical industries. The bag integrates an off-leave Port (Optima Porttm from Cape Europe) with a CSP Flexible.  Manufactured in our IS0 class 7 independent cleanroom.


RTP Bags are available in different bag sizes, a variety of port sizes and can be made from our flagship CSP PharmaFlex® family of materials. The flexible part of these units can be custom designed to suit any operation. They are also suitable in sterile applications.


  • Bags are available in any size up to 100L and are customisable to customer needs.

  • The liner is anti-static and is suitable for ATEX zones.

  • The liner film is FDA and EU-compliant and EU Pharmacopeia.

  • Ports are available in 120mm, 190mm, 270mm, 350mm. 105mm available in PE only.

  • Improved lip seal to reduce docking torque and improve containment.

  • Tested to the highest ISO quality standards.

  • The RTP Bags can also be attached to a Continuous Liner system.


  • RTP Bag with inner sleeve

  • Beta port

  • Beta door

  • Low friction silicone lip seal


  • Locking device for door

  • Removable wrench

  • Transport trolley

  • Beta door key

  • Maintenance kit

  • Beta port protective cover


  • Flexible Isolator attachment

  • Glovebox attachment

  • Trash out port sleeves/transfer sleeves

  • Liquid transfer

  • Continuous liner docking system

  • All forms of packaging

  • Sterile packaging transfer systems

  • Toxic waste handling applications

  • Bi directional transfer systems

  • Linking two isolators together to form one operational unit


CSP Rapid Transfer Port Bag (RTP Bags)

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