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Vacuum Wanding System

Product Overview

The Vacuum Wanding unit enables personnel to safely transfer powders into vessels. It is a fully contained system. Materials such as powders, pellets or granules are transferred via flexible pipe work to its end destination.

This form of transferring powders ensures a dust tight transfer is achieved. The closed-system approach for material transfer ensures that no dust escapes into the atmosphere and no contamination from the outside can enter the system. This method ensures all operators are protected at all times from hazardous products. 

The drum that contains the product is connected to the underneath of the table and the liners within the drum containing the product can then be accessed and opened inside the flexible isolator. The vacuum wand is then lowered into the drum of powder with the wire pulley and the product is then sucked up the wand and along the pipe work to its desired destination. As the wand is creating a vacuum within the flexible isolator, air must be filtered into the bag to prevent it from collapsing. CSP uses certified HEPA filters for this need. Our vacuum Wanding units have been specifically designed with the needs of the end user in mind.


  • Flexibles are fully disposable when finished with.

  • Custom designed to customer requirements. 

  • Solid parts of the system can be cleaned and reused.

  • Reduced cleaning and cleaning validation costs.

  • Clear flexible material allows the use of the existing light in the production area.

  • Good ergonomic performance.

  • Very mobile containment system. Can be removed from the production floor when finished with and brought back again when needed.


  • Fully sealed system.

  • stainless-steel docking ring.

  • Stainless steel support frame.

  • Vacuum wand.

  • Vacuum is drawn on the system when the product needs to be transferred.

  • Trash ports and sleeves are also incorporated for safe disposal of waste. 

  • High capacity HEPA filter.

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