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Wall Mounted Fog Shower

Product Overview

The CSP Wall Mounted Fog shower can be erected and used anywhere. The wall-mounted fog shower uses a 3-jet fogging system which produces a light fog that encapsulates the dust on the PPE. The fog improves the safety levels of de-gowning by sticking the dust onto the PPE preventing the dry dust from becoming airborne.


The fog shower is designed to use as little water as possible. The PPE can then be disposed of in a safe manner. By using a wall-mounted fog shower, the level of safety is increased when working with potentially toxic materials.


  • 3 jet fogging system.

  • Ran on plant air and water.

  • The duration of the mist can be varied with the built-in timer.

  • On / off lever.

  • Emergency stop.

  • Very fine fog due to the atomized air created inside the unit.

  • The unit has built in filters on both the air and water lines.

  • Filters can also be installed on the air and water lines prior to entering the unit if required.

  • Available as a mobile unit if required.

  • Designed to be drained dry negating the risk of legionella.


  • Fast installation.

  • Offers low-pressure, low-volume encapsulation cleaning.

  • The mist provides full body coverage.

  • Occupies very little space.

  • Can be taken down and mounted in a different location if required at a later date.

  • A drain can be located near the unit or else absorbing matting can be used.

  • Very easy to operate– turn lever on and the mist will stop automatically after a set time.

  • No risk of legionella once the proper procedures are followed.


CSP Wall Mounted Fog Showers 
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